Xiao-Hui Hua

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Although the precursor protein of NFκB2 (p100) is thought to act as a tumor suppressor in mammalian cells, the molecular mechanism of its anti-tumor activity is far from clear. Here, we are, for the first time, to report that p100 protein expression was dramatically decreased in bladder cancers of N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl)-nitrosamine (BBN)-treated mice(More)
In the title Ho(III)-erythritol complex, [Ho(NO3)3(C4H10O4)(C2H5OH)], the Ho(III) cation is chelated by a tridentate erythritol ligand and three bidentate nitrate anions. An ethanol mol-ecule further coordinates the Ho(III) cation, completing the irregular O10 coordination geometry. In the crystal, an extensive O-H⋯O hydrogen-bond network links the(More)
The title Sm(III)-erythritol complex, [Sm(NO3)3(C2H6O)(C4H10O4)], is isotypic with its Nd, Eu, Y, Gd, Tb and Ho analogues. The Sm(III) cation exhibits a coordination number of ten and is chelated by a tridentate erythritol ligand and three bidentate nitrate anions. It is additionally coordinated by an O atom of an ethanol mol-ecule, completing an irregular(More)
In the title Er(III)-erythritol complex, [Er(NO3)3(C2H5OH)(C4H10O4)], the Er(III) cation is chelated by one erythritol mol-ecule, three nitrate anions and an ethanol mol-ecule, completing an irregular ErO10 coordination geometry. The Er-O bond lengths are in the range 2.348 (3)-2.583 (3) Å. In the crystal, extensive O-H⋯O hydrogen bonding links the(More)
In the title complex, {[Nd(C(6)H(4)NO(2))(2)(H(2)O)(4)]Cl}(n), the Nd(III) cation is located on a twofold rotation axis and coordinated by four isonicotiniate anions and four water mol-ecules in a distorted square-anti-prismatic geometry. The carboxyl-ate groups of the isonicotinate anions bridge the Nd(III) cations, forming polymeric chains running along(More)
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