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Energy consumption has become a major concern to the widespread deployment of cloud data centers. The growing importance for parallel applications in the cloud introduces significant challenges in reducing the power consumption drawn by the hosted servers. In this paper, we propose an enhanced energy-efficient scheduling (EES) algorithm to reduce energy(More)
A connected dominating set in a graph is a subset of vertices such that every vertex is either in the subset or adjacent to a vertex in the subset and the subgraph induced by the subset is connected. A minimum-connected dominating set is such a vertex subset with minimum cardinality. An application in ad hoc wireless networks requires the study of the(More)
Methane emissions by methanogen from livestock ruminants have significantly contributed to the agricultural greenhouse gas effect. It is worthwhile to compare methanogen from “energy-saving” animal (yak) and normal animal (cattle) in order to investigate the link between methanogen structure and low methane production. Diversity of methanogens from the yak(More)
The inherent value system of a developmental agent enables autonomous mental development to take place right after the agent's " birth. " Biologically, it is not clear what basic components constitute a value system. In the computational model introduced here, we propose that inherent value systems should have at least three basic components: punishment ,(More)
A problem faced by groups that are not co-located but need to collaborate on a common task is the reduced access to the rich multimodal communicative context that they would have access to if they were collaborating face-to-face. Collaboration support tools aim to reduce the adverse effects of this restricted access to the fluid intermixing of speech,(More)
Given n clones with some positive ones, the problem of DNA screening is to identify all positive clones with a set of tests each on a subset of clones, called a pool and the outcome is either the pool contains a positive clone or not. In this paper, we show that for a class of designs, if we apply those for samples with d positive clones to samples with at(More)
The availability of metadata annotations over media content such as photos is known to enhance retrieval and organization, particularly for large data sets. The greatest challenge for obtaining annotations remains getting users to perform the large amount of tedious manual work that is required.In this paper we introduce an approach for semi-automated(More)