Xiao Huan Liu

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We introduce a novel delay pricing and charging scheme in deadline-based networks to support real-time data delivery. We study the delay performance observed by individual users when different levels of deadline urgency are specified and take a market-based approach to determining a delay price. Our pricing and charging scheme can be used to prevent greedy(More)
When a consumer can appear on both sides of a two-sided market (2SM), such as a user who both buys and sells on eBay, the platform may want to bundle the services provided to two sides. Other examples include renewable energy power grids where households can both use and generate electricity and text-processing software that allows users to both read and(More)
  • Yorgos Stephenedes, Xiao Liu, Lu Batere, Bernard R Liu, Michel, Yorgos J Stephenedes +2 others
  • 2007
Most traffic-responsive freeway ramp metering systems select metering rates from predetermined rate libraries. The efficiency of such systems is impaired by the lack of an efficient analysis tool that can evaluate and update the thresholds and rate libraries used by the meter controllers. In this project, a control-emulation method is developed to evaluate(More)
— In deadline-based networks, the delay performance experienced by real-time data transfer largely depends on traffic deadlines and the load level along the data transfer path. To ensure fairness among users and to aid in network load control, a delay pricing and charging scheme was developed for real-time delivery in deadline-based networks; users(More)
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