Xiao-Huan Liu

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The title compound, [Ru(2)(C(13)H(15)S)(2)(CO)(4)], is a centrosymmetric binuclear metal-carbonyl complex containing an Ru-Ru single bond [2.7511 (8) Å]. Each Ru(I) atom is coordinated by two bridging carbonyl ligands, one terminal carbonyl ligand and one η(5)-cyclo-penta-dienyl group. The complex has a trans conformation and the two cyclo-penta-dienyl ring(More)
In the crystal structure of the title compound, [Ru(2)(C(14)H(17)O)(2)(CO)(4)], each Ru(I) atom is connected to one end-on and two bridging carbonyl groups and one cyclo-penta-dienyl ring. The two Ru atoms are connected into binuclear complexes via two bridging carbonyl groups, forming four-membered rings which are located on centres of inversion. The Ru-Ru(More)
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