Xiao-Gen Zhou

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In differential evolution (DE), different strategies applied in different evolutionary stages may be more effective than a single strategy used in the entire evolutionary process. However, it is not trivial to appropriately determine the evolutionary stage. In this paper, we present an abstract convex underestimation-assisted multistage DE. In the proposed(More)
De novo protein structure prediction aims to search for low-energy conformations as it follows the thermodynamics hypothesis that places native conformations at the global minimum of the protein energy surface. However, the native conformation is not necessarily located in the lowest-energy regions owing to the inaccuracies of the energy model. This study(More)
Protein structure prediction can be considered as a multimodal optimization problem for sampling the protein conformational space associated with an extremely complex energy landscape. To address this problem, a conformational space sampling method using multi-subpopulation differential evolution, MDE, is proposed. MDE first devotes to generate given(More)
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