Xiao-Gang Shu

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Protein nitration is an important post-translational modification regulating protein structure and function, especially for heme proteins. Myoglobin (Mb) is an ideal protein model for investigating the structure and function relationship of heme proteins. With limited structural information available for nitrated heme proteins from experiments, we herein(More)
Antibody-targeted superantigen has been developed into a new strategy to treat many malignant tumors. In this study, for specific targeting to gastric cancer cell, superantigen SEB (Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B) was genetically fused to the single-chain variable fragment of gastric carcinoma-associated antibody MG7(MG7-scFv) that recognizes the MG7 antigen(More)
The magnetic responsibility and antitumor effect of magnetic gemcitabine stealth nano-liposomes (MGSL) on breast cancer cell line MCF-7 in vitro and in vivo was evaluated. The magnetic response and targeting effect of MGSL in vivo were investigated. Morphological feature and ultrastructure changes of apoptosis of MCF-7 cells were observed. The effect of(More)
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