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D0 dimuon asymmetry in B{sub s}-B{sub s} mixing and constraints on new physics
We study the consequences of the large dimuon asymmetry observed at D0. Physics beyond the standard model (SM) in B{sub s}-B{sub s} mixing is required to explain the data. We first present a detailed
We present a left-right symmetric model in which small and finite Dirac neutrino masses are generated as two-loop radiative corrections. Typical masses of the order 10−2eV, 1 eV and 102eV are
The stability of a non-extensive relativistic Fermi system
Based on the statistical theory of non-extensive relativity, and using theoretical analysis and numerical simulation, the non-extensive mechanical stability of ultra-relativistic free Fermi gas is
The Decay Sigma+ ---> p l+ l- within the standard model
The HyperCP collaboration has recently reported the observation of three events for the decay Sigma^+ -> p mu^+ mu^-. They have suggested that new physics may be required to understand the implied
DFSZ axion couplings revisited
Members in the 0 + 0 ( ++ ) family
Recent BES data on $J/\psi \to \phi \pi\pi$ indicate that there is a possible new spin-0 state ($f_0(1790)$) with a mass of $m=1790^{+40}_{-30} \mathrm{MeV}/\mathrm{c}^2$. Assuming it to be an