Xiao-Feng Xia

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A gene encoding delta5 fatty acid desaturase (fad5) was cloned from marine fungus Thraustochytrium sp. FJN-10, a species capable of producing docosahexaenoic acid. The open reading frame of fad5 was 1,320 bp and encoded a protein comprising 439 amino acids. Expression of the fad5 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae INVSC1 revealed that FAD5 is able to introduce a(More)
A PhI(OAc)(2) mediated selective functionalization of sp(3) C-H bonds adjacent to a nitrogen atom has been reported. When piperidine derivates were used, direct diacetoxylation of alpha and beta sp(3) C-H adjacent to a nitrogen atom were observed to afford various cis-2,3-diacetoxylated piperidines. On the other hand, tetrahydroisoquinoline derivatives gave(More)
A novel and facile oxyazidation of alkenes under metal-free and mild conditions has been reported. A remarkable feature of the developed procedure is consecutive construction of C-O and C-N bonds in one step. The process allows quick and selective assembly of alkyl azide from readily available starting materials, where N-hydroxyphthalimide was used as an(More)
The dual transition metal-visible light photoredox catalysis for the synthesis of quinoline derivatives by using dioxygen as an oxygen source is developed. By using visible light, the direct oxidative cyclization of aromatic enamines with alkynes or alkenes can be achieved at mild conditions with an aid of copper or palladium catalysts, and a variety of(More)
A new and efficient Pd(II) -catalyzed intermolecular annulation of N-benzoylsulfonamide with allenes for the synthesis of 3,4-dihydroisoquinolin-1(2H)-ones is reported. This CH functionalization is compatible with ambient air and moisture, and it can be applied to terminal or internal allenes with different synthetically attractive functional groups.(More)
Highly substituted 3-iodoquinolines bearing different alkyl and aryl moieties can be synthesized in moderate to excellent yields (up to 99%) by 6-endo-dig iodocyclization of 2-tosylaminophenylprop-1-yn-3-ols with molecular iodine (I(2)) under mild conditions. The cyclization is highly regioselective and the resulting 3-iodoquinolines can be further(More)
Highly substituted 2-aminated indoles can be prepared in moderate to excellent yields by regioselective C2-amination of indoles promoted by iodine. As a key step in a concise synthesis of (±)-folicanthine, its core structure was easily obtained by one step cyclization-dimerization of substituted tryptophan in high yield on a gram scale.
An efficient method to construct cyclopenta[c]chromene skeletons by Lewis acid-catalyzed intramolecular [3+2] cycloaddition of cyclopropane 1,1-diesters with alkynes is presented. Two new fused cycles can be formed in one step in moderate to excellent yields (up to 94 %), and the products can be converted into bioactive barbituric acid derivatives (1) under(More)
An efficient and selective gold-catalyzed cascade reaction for the synthesis of oxanorbornenes and naphthalene derivatives from easily prepared hydroxy enynes has been developed. Divergent products could be obtained from the same substrates by different gold catalytic systems.
A mild platinum-catalyzed oxidative dehydrogenation of alpha,beta-C(sp(3))-H bonds of tertiary amines in the presence of ambient oxygen is revealed, and the in situ formed enamines subsequently reacting with various nitroolefins resulted in the development of two one-pot synthetic protocols involving Michael addition-elimination and Michael(More)