Xiao Feng Cui

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The frequency of recombination between the G gamma-globin (HBG2) and parathyroid hormone (PTH) loci on the short arm of human chromosome 11 was estimated by typing greater than 700 single-sperm samples from two males. The sperm-typing technique employed involves the polymerase chain reaction and allele-specific oligonucleotide hybridization. Our maximum(More)
Three loci on the short arm of human chromosome 3 were ordered by sperm typing to expand the limited genetic map of this region. Almost 300 individual sperm from a donor triply heterozygous at D3S2, D3S11, and D3S12 were amplified by PCR using primers flanking the polymorphic site at each locus. Primary PCR product was reamplified using allele-specific(More)
Single-stranded oligonucleotide primers can be efficiently removed after PCR using E.coli exonuclease VII. Even only a few molecules of double stranded PCR product are unaffected by a treatment which eliminates 20 picomoles of primer in the presence of 500 ng of denatured genomic DNA. Exonuclease VII treatment is rapid and could simplify complicated(More)
Mlo gene in wheat is critical to determine wheat broad spectrum disease resistance against the pathogenic powdery mildew fungus. According to wheat TaMlo3 cDNA sequence, the two DNA fragments encoding the intracellular loop 2 and C-terminus of wheat Mlo protein were cloned respectively into the vector pET-30a, and then the fusion polypeptides were expressed(More)
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