Xiao Fang Liu

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A disruptive technology fundamentally transforming the way that computing services are delivered, cloud computing offers information and communication technology users a new dimension of convenience of resources, as services via the Internet. Because cloud provides a finite pool of virtualized on-demand resources, optimally scheduling them has become an(More)
One of the primary goals of traditional livestock breeding is to improve growth rate and optimise body size. Growth rate can be significantly increased by integrating a growth hormone (GH) transgene under the control of a ubiquitous promoter, but while such animals do demonstrate increased growth there are also serious deleterious side-effects to the(More)
Cloud computing provides resources as services in pay-as-you-go mode to customers by using virtualization technology. As virtual machine (VM) is hosted on physical server, great energy is consumed by maintaining the servers in data center. More physical servers means more energy consumption and more money cost. Therefore, the VM placement (VMP) problem is(More)
Power electronic circuit (PEC) design and optimization is a significant problem in engineering area. Due to its complexity, evolutionary computation algorithms such as differential evolution (DE), genetic algorithms, and particle swarm optimization have been used successfully to obtain optimal components for PEC. However, since the fitness evaluation of PEC(More)
Existing differential evolution (DE) algorithms often face two challenges. The first is that the optimization performance is significantly affected by the ad hoc configurations of operators and parameters for different problems. The second is the long runtime for real-world problems whose fitness evaluations are often expensive. Aiming at solving these two(More)
Differential evolution (DE) is an efficient and powerful population-based stochastic evolutionary algorithm, which evolves according to the differential between individuals. The success of DE in obtaining the optima of a specific problem depends greatly on the choice of mutation strategies and control parameter values. Good parameters lead the individuals(More)
DNA barcoding has become a promising means for the identification of organisms of all life-history stages. Currently, distance-based and tree-based methods are most widely used to define species boundaries and uncover cryptic species. However, there is no universal threshold of genetic distance values that can be used to distinguish taxonomic groups.(More)
Preventive treatment has an essential effect on latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) [purified protein derivative (PPD) induration ⋝ 15 mm]. Between 2010 and 2013, there were 6 tuberculosis (TB) outbreaks in the universities in Dalian, China. So far, in Dalian, the directly observed therapy (DOT) and full course management (FCM) were widely used in the(More)
Parallel imaging is a rapid magnetic resonance imaging technique. For the ill-conditioned problem, noise and aliasing artifacts are amplified during the reconstruction process and are serious especially for high accelerating imaging. In this paper, a sparse constrained reconstruction problem is proposed for parallel imaging, and an effective solution based(More)
Computationally expensive problem challenges the application of evolutionary algorithms (EAs) due to the long runtime. Distributed EAs on distributed resources for calculating the individual fitness value in paralllel is a promising method to reduce runtime. A crucial issue in distributed EAs is how to scheduling the individuals to the distributed(More)