Xiao-Fan Liu

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Cuticular proteins (CPs) are crucial components of the insect cuticle. Although numerous genes encoding cuticular proteins have been identified in known insect genomes to date, their functions in maintaining insect body shape and adaptability remain largely unknown. In the current study, positional cloning led to the identification of a gene encoding an(More)
Multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash-based consumer electronic devices suffer from random multiple bit errors that grow exponentially with the increase of program/erase counts. Numerous error correction codes (ECCs) have been developed to detect and correct these multiple erroneous bits within a codeword, such as bosechaudhuri-hocquenghem (BCH) and(More)
OBJECTIVE To use COI gene on the Mauremys reevesii and its adulterants by molecular identification. Search a rapid, accurate method of identification of Teseudinis Carapax et Planstrum and its adulterants. METHOD We collected 8 species of the authentic and adulterants of teseudinis carapax et planstrum in a nationwide then, extracted DNA, got the COI(More)
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