Xiao-Fan Ding

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AluScan combines inter-Alu PCR using multiple Alu-based primers with opposite orientations and next-generation sequencing to capture a huge number of Alu-proximal genomic sequences for investigation. Its requirement of only sub-microgram quantities of DNA facilitates the examination of large numbers of samples. However, the special features of AluScan data(More)
Sequence alignment/map (SAM) formatted sequences [Li H, Handsaker B, Wysoker A et al., Bioinformatics 25(16):2078-2079, 2009.] have taken on a main role in bioinformatics since the development of massive parallel sequencing. However, because misalignment of sequences poses a significant problem in analysis of sequencing data that could lead to false(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of local carbon ion irradiation on the length of survival and peripheral blood leukocyte and platelet counts of mice inoculated with pulmonary tumor cells. METHODS Thirty tumor-bearing mice were randomly divided into control group (tumor-bearing but without carbon ion irradiation, n=10), 12 Gy group (n=10) and 24 Gy(More)
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