Xiao-Dong Li

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This paper presents two-dimensional (2-D) system theory based iterative learning control (ILC) methods for linear continuous multivariable systems with time delays in state or with time delays in input. Necessary and sufficient conditions are given for convergence of the proposed ILC rules. In this paper, we demonstrate that the 2-D linear(More)
The species conservation technique is a relatively new approach to finding multiple solutions of a multimodal optimization problem. When adopting such a technique, a species is defined as a group of individuals in a population that have similar characteristics and are dominated by the best individual, called the species seed. Species conservation techniques(More)
This paper studies the approximation ability of continuous-time recurrent neural networks to dynamical time-variant systems. It proves that any finite time trajectory of a given dynamical time-variant system can be approximated by the internal state of a continuous-time recurrent neural network. Given several special forms of dynamical time-variant systems(More)
There has been a rapid advancement in wireless sensor network (WSN) technology in the past decade and its application in structural monitoring has been the focus of several research projects. The evaluation of the newly developed hardware platform and software system is an important aspect of such research efforts. Although much of this evaluation is done(More)
In this paper, a real-time iterative learning control (ILC) approach for a nonlinear continuous-time system using recurrent neural networks (RNN’s) with time-varying weights is presented. Two RNN’s are utilized in the ILC system. One is used to approximate the nonlinear system and another is used to mimic the desired system response. The ILC rule is(More)
In view of parallel-processing nature and circuit-implementation convenience, recurrent neural networks are often employed to solve optimization problems. Recently, a primal-dual neural network based on linear variational inequalities (LVI) was developed by Zhang et al. for the online solution of linear-programming (LP) and quadratic-programming (QP)(More)
Adaptive ILC algorithms of nonlinear continuous systems with non-parametric uncertainties for nonrepetitive trajectory tracking Xiao-Dong Li, Mang-Mang Lv & John K. L. Ho a School of Information Science and Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, Key lab of Machine Intelligence and Advanced Computing, Ministry of Education, Guangzhou, China b Department of(More)