Xiao Deng

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The variety of solid surfaces to and from which microbes can deliver electrons by extracellular electron transport (EET) processes via outer-membrane c-type cytochromes (OM c-Cyts) expands the importance of microbial respiration in natural environments and industrial applications. Here, we demonstrate that the bifurcated EET pathway of OM c-Cyts sustains(More)
A new white Tuber species, T. panzhihuanense, is described based on collections from Sichuan and Yunnan, China. This is one of 10 new white truffle species, which were discovered in 2010 and 2011. Morphological and molecular analysis shows that T. panzhihuanense is clearly different from any other taxon in the genus of Tuber. It grows in mycorrhizal(More)
Computer simulation on random motion of numerous moving spheres is widely used. This paper presents a collision-event-driven approach that efficiently implements the simulation of numerous moving spheres. For each sphere in a system with n spheres, only the detected latest collision events are saved in the event queue, making the queue only sized O(n).(More)
—To expand the availability of SPECT for biomedical research, we developed a SPECT imaging system on an existing animal PET detector by adding a slit-slat collimator. As the detector crystals are pixelated, the relative slat-to-crystal position (SCP) in the axial direction affects the photon flux distribution onto the crystals. The accurate knowledge of SCP(More)
To perform in vivo animal single photon emission computed tomography imaging on a stationary detector gantry, we introduced a hybrid rotation-translation (HRT) tomographic scan, a combination of translational and limited angle rotational movements of the image object, to minimize gravity-induced animal motion. To quantitatively assess the performance of ten(More)
In this paper we present a novel method on learning structural conjunction of image content by sparse graphical model. We first use matrix-variate distributions to formulate two statistical structure models and establish the connection between them. The connection leads us to sparse Gaussian graphical models in which sparse regression technique such as(More)