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Recent researches have paid more and more attention to traffic sign recognition due to its important role in the intelligence transportation system. In the traditional methods for this task, first the traffic signs are located using the color or shape information of the traffic signs, then a classifier is applied for classification. In this paper, we(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel strategy based on spherical feature extraction and fast polar image correlation to recognize number ball which has arbitrary rotation pose just using single calibrated camera. The multiple view instances of a number ball are collected as a prior knowledge of a class and a simple distance measurement is applied to decide(More)
Computer simulation on random motion of numerous moving spheres is widely used. This paper presents a collision-event-driven approach that efficiently implements the simulation of numerous moving spheres. For each sphere in a system with n spheres, only the detected latest collision events are saved in the event queue, making the queue only sized O(n).(More)
We consider the classification problem as a linear regression problem, and find that sparse signal representation offers the key to address this problem. Therefore, a new method, which is based on sparse representation, is proposed for classification. This new method provides insights into two critical issues in classification: sparse representation and(More)
This paper presents a real-time vision-based system for the tracking of human upper body with both color images and depth maps. We combine the color-histogram-based particle filtering and mean shift algorithm to track face and hands and estimate other body parts by human kinetics. A multi-cue approach that integrates depth information and the color-based(More)
this paper proposes a fault diagnosis method for analog circuits based on a combination of wavelet packet transformation and SOFM network, which uses wavelet packet decomposition as pre-processing and denoising tool for multi-scale decomposition and denoising on the sampling signal of electric circuit, and for energy feature extraction and normalization as(More)