Xiao Chong

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The safety of drinking water from source areas is an important issue, and the fuzzy comprehensive assessment method is a useful evaluation approach. However, it has limitations due to its complicated calculation, as well as the effects of subjective factors on the results. The objective of the research is to develop an effective method with more objective(More)
The higher order asymptotic fields which are similar to the Williams' solutions of plane crack problems in homogenous materials are obtained by the asymptotic analysis for a crack in functionally graded Reissner's spherical shell. The results provide a theoretical basis for the numerical analysis, experimental investigation and the engineering application(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish an optimal method to isolate and culture human embryonic stem (hES) cells from discarded blastocysts and to differentiate these cells into hepatocyte-like cells. METHODS Discarded human blastocysts of days 5-6 were cultured on mouse embryonic fibroblast cell feeder layers. Cells from the inner cell mass were isolated and(More)
An Oblique anti-plane crack is studied with its tip at the physical weak-discontinuous line of the structure which is made up of homogeneous material and functionally graded materials (FGMs). The analytic solution of the higher order crack tip fields (similar to the Williams' solution of homogenous material) is obtained by applying the asymptotic series(More)
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