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Wikification, commonly referred to as Disambiguation to Wikipedia (D2W), is the task of identifying concepts and entities in text and disambiguating them into the most specific corresponding Wikipedia pages. Previous approaches to D2W focused on the use of local and global statistics over the given text, Wikipedia articles and its link structures, to(More)
Eukaryotic gene expression is regulated at least by two processes, RNA interference at the post-transcriptional level and chromatin modification at the transcriptional level. Distinct small RNAs (approximately 21–24 nucleotides; sRNAs) were demonstrated to play vital roles in facilitating gene silencing. In plants, the generation of these sRNAs mainly(More)
MADS-box genes comprise a large gene family, which codes for transcription factors, and play important functions in various aspects of flowering plant growth and development. However, little is known about the MADS-box genes in maize (Zea mays) and sorghum (Sorghum bicolor). Here, we performed a comprehensive bioinformatics analysis of the MADS-box gene(More)
The objective was to study the relationship between cyclin D1 gene (CCND1) polymorphism and lung cancer in the Chinese population. Blood samples of 182 cases and 185 controls were collected from a hospital based case-control study. PCR-SSCP was used to examine the G/A polymorphism in exon 4 of CCND1. The results showed that the frequencies of the CCND1 AA,(More)
A large set of candidate nucleotide-binding site (NBS)-encoding genes related to disease resistance was identified in the sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) genome. These resistance (R) genes were characterized based on their structural diversity, physical chromosomal location and phylogenetic relationships. Based on their N-terminal motifs and leucine-rich repeats(More)
The spatio-temporal distribution pattern of malaria in Yunnan Province, China was studied using a geographic information system technique. Both descriptive and temporal scan statistics revealed seasonal fluctuation in malaria incidences in Yunnan Province with only one peak during 1995-2000, and two apparent peaks from 2001 to 2005. Spatial autocorrelation(More)
Cyrtomium is an Asiatic genus characterized by anastomosing veins with included veinlets, and comprises about 40 species. We sequenced rbcL and trnL-F sequences of 19 species of Cyrtomium and eight species from related genera in order to elucidate a molecular phylogeny of the genus using maximum-parsimony methods. The phylogenetic trees did not agree with(More)
A cytotaxonomic study was made of 90 fern species of Yunnan, southwestern China, based on collections from northwestern, central, and southwestern Yunnan and a few Cheng's collections. The results verified most of the formerly reported basic chromosome numbers of Chinese genera, and recorded for the first time the basic numbers ofGymnogrammitis(More)
Forest structural parameters, such as tree height and crown width, are indispensable for evaluating forest biomass or forest volume. LiDAR is a revolutionary technology for measurement of forest structural parameters, however, the accuracy of crown width extraction is not satisfactory when using a low density LiDAR, especially in high canopy cover forest.(More)