Xiao-Cheng Zhu

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Lysyl oxidase (LOX) initiates the enzymatic stage of collagen and elastin cross-linking. It also has intracellular functions involved in the regulation of cell differentiation, motility/migration and gene transcription. Aberrant expression of the LOX gene has been reported in multiple tumors. However, the correlation of its expression with(More)
Lin28 plays important roles in the development, maintenance of pluripotency and progression of various types of cancers. Lin28 represses the biogenesis of let-7 microRNAs and is implicated in both development and tumorigenesis. Oncogenic regulation of let-7 microRNAs has been demonstrated in several human malignancies, yet their correlation with Lin28 has(More)
Objective: This study aimed to investigate causes of anastomotic leakage following sphincter-preserving surgery, and explore indications of preventive ileostomy. Methods: 816 rectal cancer patients who underwent sphincter-preserving surgery in the Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical College between March 2004 and March 2014 were enrolled in the study. And(More)
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