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Effects of copper and cadmium on heavy metal polluted waterbody restoration by duckweed (Lemna minor).
Aquatic plants have been identified as a potentially useful group for accumulating and bioconcentrating heavy metals. In the study, we investigated changes in the contents of soluble protein andExpand
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6 million spam tweets: A large ground truth for timely Twitter spam detection
We collected a large dataset of over 600 million public tweets and extracted 12 light-weight features, which can be used for online detection of Twitter spam. Expand
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The Oxytricha trifallax Macronuclear Genome: A Complex Eukaryotic Genome with 16,000 Tiny Chromosomes
With more chromosomes than any other sequenced genome, the macronuclear genome of Oxytricha trifallax has a unique and complex architecture, including alternative fragmentation and predominantlyExpand
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Force and scleraxis synergistically promote the commitment of human ES cells derived MSCs to tenocytes
As tendon stem/progenitor cells were reported to be rare in tendon tissues, tendons as vulnerable targets of sports injury possess poor self-repair capability. Human ESCs (hESCs) represent aExpand
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Android HIV: A Study of Repackaging Malware for Evading Machine-Learning Detection
We introduce a new attacking method that generates adversarial examples of Android malware and evades being detected by the current models. Expand
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Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of anisole as lignin model compound over supported nickel catalysts
Abstract Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) of anisole, a methoxy-rich lignin model compound, has been investigated over a series of Ni-containing (10 wt% loading) catalysts with activated carbon,Expand
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Recent progress on synthesis, property and application of modified chitosan: An overview.
Because of the unique chemical structure, chitosan and its derivatives have been paid close extensive attention as the potential bio-functional material. This review presents recent synthesis ofExpand
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Lyotropic liquid crystalline phases formed in an ionic liquid.
Lyotropic liquid crystalline phases of an amphiphilic block copolymer are constructed and characterized in an ionic liquid with comparison of component and temperature effects.
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Fetal and adult fibroblasts display intrinsic differences in tendon tissue engineering and regeneration
Injured adult tendons do not exhibit optimal healing through a regenerative process, whereas fetal tendons can heal in a regenerative fashion without scar formation. Hence, we compared FFs (mouseExpand
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Improved drought tolerance in wheat plants overexpressing a synthetic bacterial cold shock protein gene SeCspA
Cold shock proteins (CSPs) enhance acclimatization of bacteria to adverse environmental circumstances. The Escherichia coli CSP genes CspA and CspB were modified to plant-preferred codon sequencesExpand
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