Xianzi Dong

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A novel high-resolution nanowire fabrication method is developed by thin-film patterning using a spatially modulated femtosecond laser pulse. Deep subwavelength (≈1/13 of the laser wavelength) and high conductivity (≈1/4 of the bulk gold) nanowires are fabricated in the open air without using masks, which offers a single-step arbitrary direct patterning(More)
We propose a method to measure the nonuniform shrinkage and stretching of polymerized nanostructures by marking them with periodical points. The method was tested, and the results showed that suspended lines themselves shrank after fabrication, but they were also stretched due to the shrinkage of their support anchors, a phenomenon that has not been(More)
The microtechnology of controlling stimuli-responsive biomaterials at micrometer scale is crucial for biomedical applications. Here, we report bovine serum albumin (BSA)-based three-dimensional (3D) microstructures with tunable surface morphology and pH-responsive properties via two-photon polymerization microfabrication technology. The laser processing(More)
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