Xianzheng Jia

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The paper presents a convergence analysis of a modified Newton method for solving nonlinear systems of equations. The convergence results show that this method converges cubically in the nonsingular case, and linearly with the rate 3/8 under some sufficient conditions when the Jacobian is singular at the root. The convergence theory is used to analyze the(More)
This paper deals with an inverse problem for identifying multiparameters in 1D space fractional advection dispersion equation FADE on a finite domain with final observations. The parameters to be identified are the fractional order, the diffusion coefficient, and the average velocity in the FADE. The forward problem is solved by a finite difference scheme,(More)
This paper deals with an inverse problem of simultaneously determining the dispersion coefficients and the space-dependent source magnitude in 2D advection dispersion equation with finite observations at the final time. The forward problem is solved by using the alternating direction implicit (ADI) finite difference scheme, and then the optimal perturbation(More)
A real undisturbed soil-column infiltrating experiment in Zibo, Shandong, China, is investigated, and a nonlinear transport model for a solute ion penetrating through the column is put forward by using nonlinear Freundlich’s adsorption isotherm. Since Freundlich’s exponent and adsorption coefficient and source/sink terms in the model cannot be measured(More)
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