Xianzhen Zhao

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Modeling of ion motion and experimental investigations of ion excitation in a linear quadrupole trap with a 4% added octopole field are described. The results are compared with those obtained with a conventional round rod set. Motion in the effective potential of the rod set can explain many of the observed phenomena. The frequencies of ion oscillation in(More)
Modeling and experimental studies of quadrupole excitation of ions in linear quadrupole traps with added octopole fields are described. An approximate solution to the equations of motion of ions trapped in a quadrupole with added octopole and dodecapole fields, with quadrupole excitation and damping is given. The solutions give the steady-state or(More)
Mass analysis with linear quadrupole mass filters is possible by forming "islands" in the stability diagram with auxiliary quadrupole excitation. In this work, computer simulations are used to calculate stability boundaries, island positions, and peak shapes and ion transmission for mass analysis with linear quadrupole mass filters that have added octopole(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations of the ion clouds stored in a linear quadrupole rf ion trap are performed at low temperatures s0.1 mK–15 Kd. The introduction of periodic boundary conditions allowed us to study the translationally uniform ion cloud geometry. The time evolution of the kinetic energy of the ion cloud is monitored during the simulation and the(More)
Mass analysis with islands of stability has been investigated with three linear quadrupole mass filters: two with 4% added hexapole fields constructed with equal diameter (quadrupole 4A) and unequal diameter (quadrupole 4B) rods, and a conventional round-rod quadrupole that has apparently been slightly damaged. Islands are formed by applying auxiliary(More)
Analyses of cationic dipyridocyanine dyes by liquid-secondary-ion mass spectrometry in a liquid matrix of meta-nitrobenzyl alcohol (rnNBA) provide evidence for beam-induced addition reactions between the sample molecule (C) and the mNBA solvent. The ionic products of these addition reactions formally correspond to [C+mNBA-O2](+), Ic+mNBA-O2-H](+), and(More)
Conventional mass analysis has been investigated experimentally with six quadrupole mass filters with added hexapole fields; three with added hexapole fields of 4%, 8% and 12% with equal diameter rods, and three with added hexapole fields of 4%, 8% and 12% with unequal diameter rods to remove an added octopole field. Compared with conventional quadrupoles,(More)
We have constructed, and tested as mass filters, linear quadrupoles with added hexapole fields of 4%, 8%, and 12%, with and without added octopole fields. A hexapole field can be added to the field of a linear quadrupole by rotating the two y rods toward an x rod. This also adds an octopole field which can be removed by making the x rods greater in diameter(More)
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