Xianzhen Huang

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In this paper, based on the kinematic accuracy theory and matrix-based system reliability analysis method, a practical method for system reliability analysis of the kinematic performance of planar linkageswith correlated failuremodes is proposed. The Taylor series expansion is utilized to derive a general expression of the kinematic performance errors(More)
Fatigue failure is the typical failure mode of mechanical components subjected to random loadtime history. It is important to ensure that the mechanical components have an expected life with a high reliability. However, it is difficult to reduce the influence of factors that affect the fatigue reliability and thus a reliability sensitivity analysis is(More)
Generally speaking, a vibration system consists of three parts: vibration resource, vibration transfer path, and vibration receiver. Based on the dynamic sensitivity technique, this paper proposes a method for evaluating the contribution of each vibration transfer path to the dynamic response of the vibration receiver. Nonlinear stiffness is an important(More)
This paper presents an effective method for solving stochastic problems commonly encountered in structural engineering and applied mechanics. Design of experiments is conducted to obtain the response values of interest, where Chebyshev nodes are applied to collect discrete samples. Then Chebyshev polynomials are applied to approximate the univariate(More)
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