Xianzhe Li

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Based on the previously proposed concept of a lab on a fiber (LOF) and an LOF-based platform for detecting trace vapors of TNT explosives, in this paper, we study the compatibility of the LOF device with a preconcentration unit. We report the detail investigation of factors that crucially affect the overall performance of this LOF platform. From a(More)
In this paper, we discuss in detail the lab-on-a-flber (LOF) concept that we proposed earlier (Ma et ah, Proc. 4th Eur. Workshop Opt. Fiber Sens., 2010, vol. 7653, PP. 76531E-76531E-4), and present a specific example of this platform intended for trace vapor TNT detection. We show how we arrive at the current LOF design by examining the performance,(More)
The combination of thin-film-fluorescence (TFF) quenching with fiber-optic sensing technology is superior to other available means for explosives identification in many respects. However, collecting sufficient TFF power is a challenge because a low level of excitation light must be used to avoid the degradation of film material. The task becomes even more(More)
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