Xianyun Wang

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Based on an adaptive combination of two RLS-type algorithms with different forgetting factor, an effective scheme is proposed to improve the performance of the RLS-type algorithm for blind source separation. A mixing parameter for adjusting the proportion of the two RLS algorithms is introduced in an attempt to put together the best properties of them, and(More)
The estimation of Laplacian factor is a crucial part of speech enhancement algorithms using Laplacian model priori. Classical methods for the estimation of this parameter suffer from the residual noise or time delay bias. In this paper, a novel algorithm called two-step technique for the estimation of Laplacian factor is proposed in discrete cosine(More)
Changes in the density and species composition of planktonic rotifers as well as their relationship to several environmental variables were studied at Dadian Lake, a shallow subtropical lake, which was completely dredged and reconstructed. Samples were taken monthly (2006-2009) at five stations. The total rotifer abundance exponentially declined and reached(More)
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