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Studies of rice protein expression have increased considerably with the development of rice functional genomics. In order to obtain reliable expression results in western blotting, information on appropriate reference proteins is necessary for data normalization. To date, no published study has identified and systematically validated reference proteins(More)
The estimation of Laplacian factor is a crucial part of speech enhancement algorithms using Laplacian model priori. Classical methods for the estimation of this parameter suffer from the residual noise or time delay bias. In this paper, a novel algorithm called two-step technique for the estimation of Laplacian factor is proposed in discrete cosine(More)
In this paper, we propose a frequency-domain speech enhancement algorithm with phase estimation, in which the speech model is modeled by a Gaussian mixture model (GMM) in the log-spectral domain and two closed-form log-spectral amplitude estimators for speech and noise are derived directly by using a Mixture-Maximum (MIXMAX) model. Because the accurate(More)
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