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A novel heteroatoms (N, P, S and Fe) quaternary-doped carbon (HQDC-X, X refers to the pyrolysis temperature) can be fabricated by directly pyrolyzing a gram-negative bacteria, S. oneidensis MR-1 as precursors at 800 °C, 900 °C and 1000 °C under argon atmosphere. These HQDC-X catalysts maintain the cylindrical shape of bacteria after pyrolysis under high(More)
Underwater superoleophobic materials with low adhesion have been widely researched owing to their self-cleaning and anti-corrosive properties. In this study, polypyrrole (PPy) nanowire meshes have been successfully fabricated by in situ electrochemical polymerization on stainless steel mesh substrates in the presence of phosphate buffered saline as both an(More)
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