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As the increased availability of sophisticated image processing software and the widespread use of Internet, digital images are easy to acquire and manipulate. The authenticity of the received images is becoming more and more important. Copy-move forgery is one of the most common forgery methods. When creating a Copymove forgery, it is often necessary to(More)
This paper tries to provide a new perspective for the research of reversible watermarking based on histogram shifting of prediction errors. Instead of obtaining one prediction error for the current pixel, we calculate multiple prediction errors by designing a multi-prediction scheme. An asymmetric error histogram is then constructed by selecting the(More)
This paper aims at reducing the shifting distortion of histogram shifting reversible data hiding method. Instead of calculating symmetrically the prediction value as were done in other schemes, based on the gradient-adjusted predictor (GAP), a directed-prediction scheme, which includes two asymmetric predictors-the right and left GAPs, is designed to(More)
OBJECT P2 segment and distal aneurysms are rare lesions of the cerebrovascular system. The efficacy and safety of endovascular occlusion for these types of aneurysms remain controversial. The aim of this study was to reveal risk factors for endovascular parent artery occlusion of ruptured P2 segment and distal aneurysms. METHODS Between March 2010 and(More)
The study of the collaboration, coordination and negotiation among different agents in a multi-agent system (MAS) has always been the most challenging yet popular in the research of distributed artificial intelligence. In this paper, we will suggest for RoboCup simulation, a typical MAS, a general decision-making model, rather than define a different(More)