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With the explosive growth in the number of protein sequences generated in the postgenomic age, research into identifying cytokines from proteins and detecting their biochemical mechanisms becomes increasingly important. Unfortunately, the identification of cytokines from proteins is challenging due to a lack of understanding of the structure space provided(More)
 Particulate microspheres bearing immobilized probes can be used to identify ligands expressed by cells and require only brightfield microscopy for detection. There are distinct advantages to using microspheres to detect low affinity interactions; microspheres require no secondary amplification or detection procedures subsequent to the binding interaction,(More)
Primary hepatolithiasis is a common bile duct disease with benign nature but complicated mechanisms. Current studies have revealed its correlation with cytokine release by chronic inflammation, which also increased mucin (MUC) synthesis. This study investigated the role of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) in regulating cytokine release and mucin(More)
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