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In this paper, we study information transport in multiplex networks comprised of two coupled subnetworks. The upper subnetwork, called the logical layer, employs the shortest paths protocol to determine the logical paths for packets transmission, while the lower subnetwork acts as the physical layer, in which packets are delivered by the biased random walk(More)
For many power-limited networks, such as wireless sensor networks and mobile ad hoc networks, maximizing the network lifetime is the first concern in the related designing and maintaining activities. We study the network lifetime from the perspective of network science. In our dynamic network, nodes are assigned a fixed amount of energy initially and(More)
1. INTRODUCTION 1.1.1. Variable Selection for Incomplete Data sets In statistical practice, many real-life data sets are incomplete for reasons like non-responses or drop-outs. When a data set is incomplete, practitioners frequently resort to a " case-deletion " strategy within which the incomplete cases are excluded from analysis and the complete cases are(More)
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