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OBJECTIVE To study the method of internal fixation by the navigation embedded plate from standard parts database for the distal femoral fractures based on digital design by Mimics software with 3D printing technology, and to explore its feasibility and accuracy. METHODS A total of 21 cases with distal femoral fractures admitted into the Department of(More)
Rough set theory is a useful tool for data mining. It is based on equivalence relations of a universe. The covering rough sets is an improvement of Pawlak rough set to deal with complex practical problems which the latter one can not handle. However, many basic notions in this theory are not as widely agreeable as in the Pawlak rough set theory. This paper(More)
In this paper we present a novel hardware architecture for real-time image compression implementing a fast, searchless iterated function system (SIFS) fractal coding method. In the proposed method and corresponding hardware architecture, domain blocks are fixed to a spatially neighboring area of range blocks in a manner similar to that given by Furao and(More)
The objective is to determine the relation between severity of knee osteoarthritis (KOA) and levels of Collagen type II metabolite (C2C) and trace elements in the urine. The urine sample and knee joint films (anteroposterior and lateral) from the KOA patients and control subjects were collected. The KOA patients were divided into five groups (controls and(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the method and feasibility of digital internal fixation for proximal tibia fractures using standard parts database and three-dimensional (3D) printing technology. METHODS Ten adult lower extremity specimens were selected to take continuously thin-layer scanning. After Dicom image was imported into the Mimics software, the model of(More)