Xianting Zhang

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An efficient and broadband parametric wavelength converter is proposed in the silicon-on-insulator (SOI) waveguide without dispersion engineering. The vertical grating is utilized to achieve the quasi-phase-matching (QPM) of four-wave mixing (FWM). By alternating the phase-mismatch between two values with opposite signs, the parametric attenuation is(More)
In this paper, a cascade optical quantization scheme is proposed to realize all-optical analog-to-digital converter with efficiently enhanced quantization resolution and achievable high analog bandwidth of larger than 20 GHz. Employing the cascade structure of an unbalanced Mach-zehnder modulator and a specially designed optical directional coupler, we(More)
Generation of spectrally-isolated wavelengths in the violet to blue region based on cascaded degenerate four-wave mixing (FWM) is experimentally demonstrated for the first time in a tailor-made photonic crystal fiber, which has two adjacent zero dispersion wavelengths (ZDWs) at 696 and 852 nm in the fundamental mode. The influences of the wavelength(More)
Parabolic pulses have important applications in both basic and applied sciences, such as high power optical amplification, optical communications, all-optical signal processing, etc. The generation of parabolic similaritons in tapered hydrogenated amorphous silicon photonic wires at telecom (λ ~ 1550 nm) and mid-IR (λ ≥ 2100 nm) wavelengths is demonstrated(More)
We propose and numerically investigate mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in dispersion-engineered Al<inf>0.18</inf>Ga<inf>0.82</inf>As-based strip waveguides. An ultra-board supercontinuum ranging from 2 to 15.9 &#x00B5;m is obtained when pump pulses with center wavelength of 4.1 &#x00B5;m and peak power of 3.35 kW are used.
High performance all-optical quantizer based on silicon waveguide is believed to have significant applications in photonic integratable optical communication links, optical interconnection networks, and real-time signal processing systems. In this paper, we propose an integratable all-optical quantizer for on-chip and low power consumption all-optical(More)
In this Letter, we demonstrate experimentally for the first time, to the best of our knowledge, discrete ultraviolet (UV) wavelength generation by cascaded intermodal FWM when femtosecond pump pulses at 800 nm are launched into the deeply normal dispersion region of the fundamental guided mode of a multimode photonic crystal fiber (MPCF). For pump pulses at(More)
All-optical analog-to-digital converters based on the third-order nonlinear effects in silicon waveguide are a promising candidate to overcome the limitation of electronic devices and are suitable for photonic integration. In this paper, a 2-bit optical spectral quantization scheme for on-chip all-optical analog-to-digital conversion is proposed. The(More)
Deep-ultraviolet (UV) second-harmonics (SHs) have important applications in basic physics and applied sciences. However, it still remains challenging to generate deep-UV SHs especially in optical fibers. Here, for the first time, we experimentally demonstrate the deep-UV SH generations (SHGs) by combined degenerate four-wave mixing (FWM) and surface(More)
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