Xianshan Zhou

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In automatic machine vision inspection for PCB SMT assembly, solder joints inspection is a meaningful but difficult work suffered from variety of complicated images and imbalance of samples. This paper proposed to use ANN ensembles for inspecting classifier, and every simple ANN for ensembles was input with a different feature selected from the image and(More)
Existing algorithms for support-based association rule mining (ARM) can not discover the itemsets which are scarce but have high utility values, while utility-based association rule mining (UBARM) can not discover the itemsets whose utility values are not high but the product of the support and utility of the same itemset (defined as motivation) is very(More)
Neural network is a type of network that carries out information processing through the interaction of neurons. The storage of knowledge and information shows distributed physical connection of mutual-linking network components. Bi-directional associative memories (BAM) neural network is a type of feedback neural network system of bi-directional stability,(More)
Clustering technique was introduced to the field of crime data analysis for finding suspects, but traditional clustering methods used in existing application systems do not provide enough accuracy to meet the high requirements of police work. To solve the problem of low accuracy, we propose a hybrid similarity measurement, i.e., Segmented Multiple-Metric(More)
In CSCL, the interaction extent between members is an important factor to the group learning effect. A reasonable measurement of interaction intensity can provide a basis for the managers when guiding the groups with weak interaction and also for learnerspsila self reflection. Aiming at the shortcoming of the present model, in the paper we analyzed the(More)
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