Xianrong Zheng

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In this paper, we have studied a common Web service composition problem, the syntactic matching problem, where the output parameters of a Web service can be used as the input parameters of another Web service. Many automatic Web service composition algorithms based on AI planning techniques have been proposed. However, most of them do not scale well when(More)
Cloud computing is an important component of the backbone of the Internet of Things (IoT). Clouds will be required to support large numbers of interactions with varying quality requirements. Service quality will therefore be an important differentiator among cloud providers. In order to distinguish themselves from their competitors, cloud providers should(More)
For Cloud services, their non-functional properties like availability, reliability and security are important differentiators. However, service consumers and service providers may conflict over non-functional properties. In fact, the conflicts can be resolved via automated negotiation, which is considered as the most flexible approach to procure products(More)
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) have obvious value for Service-Oriented Computing and have received attention from both academics and industry. However, SLAs still lack a theoretical basis and effective techniques to facilitate automatic SLA establishment. In this paper, we classify negotiations into four types, and focus on the 1-to-1 Web services(More)
Internet of Things (IoT) allows connected objects to communicate via the Internet. IoT can benefit from the unlimited capabilities and resources of cloud computing. Also, when coupled with IoT, cloud computing can in turn deal with real world things in a more distributed and dynamic manner. As the cloud market becomes more open and competitive, Quality of(More)
Cloud services are Internet-based XaaS (X as a Service) services, where X can be hardware, software or applications. As Cloud consumers value QoS (Quality of Service), Cloud providers should make certain service level commitments in order to achieve business success. This paper argues for Cloud service negotiation. It outlines a research roadmap, reviews(More)
Cloud computing is an attractive platform which offers on-demand resources as services. When many cloud services are available, some may have similar or same functionalities. So cloud service recommendation, which can help users to select the services based on their preferences, become an important technique for cloud services. In this paper, we review the(More)
As cloud computing becomes increasingly popular, cloud providers compete to offer the same or similar services over the Internet. Quality of service (QoS), which describes how well a service is performed, is an important differentiator among functionally equivalent services. It can help a firm to satisfy and win its customers. As a result, how to assist(More)
Multiple state-of-the-art techniques, such as multi-dimensional micro-imaging, fast multi-channel micro-spetrophotometry, and dynamic micro-imaging analysis, were used to dynamically investigate various effects of cell under the 900 MHz electromagnetic radiation. Cell changes in shape, size, and parameters of Hb absorption spectrum under different power(More)