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The classical rough set theory developed by Prof. Z.Pawlak can't process incomplete information systems directly. A new method based on fuzzy-clustering is proposed in this paper. The nonequivalence relation defined in incomplete information systems is transformed into an equivalence relation at first, then the variable upper-approximation, variable(More)
Usually, data mining is considered as the nontrivial extraction of implicit, previously unknown, and potentially useful information from data. In our data-driven data mining model, knowledge is originally existed in data, but just not understandable for human. Data mining is taken as a process of transforming knowledge from data format into some other human(More)
Chinese character Learning has been identified as one of the most challenging issues for English-speaking learners of Chi-nese due to the distinctions between the Chinese writing system and alphabetic languages in terms of orthography, phonology and semantics. In order to support Western students in overcoming the challenges associated with Chinese(More)
The fuzzy quotient space model is a hybrid model between quotient space theory and fuzzy set theory, which are two important methods in granular computing models, and it is based on fuzzy equivalence relation. There are many algorithms with high complexity for computing the fuzzy equivalence matrices. A new algorithm is proposed to compute the fuzzy(More)
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