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STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine whether long term weight gain and weight loss are associated with subsequent risk of type 2 diabetes in overweight, non-diabetic adults. DESIGN Prospective cohort. Baseline overweight was defined as BMI>/=27.3 for women and BMI>/=27. 8 for men. Annual weight change (kg/year) over 10 years was calculated using measured weight(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether the associations of BMI and fat distribution with diabetes risk are modified by race. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, Epidemiologic Follow-up Study (1971-1992), were used to investigate potential interactions of BMI and fat distribution with race. Incident diabetes(More)
Objective This study aimed to investigate the potential risk factors of idiopathic central precocious puberty (ICPP) girls in Fujian province. Methods A case-control study was conducted in 566 girls who were diagnosed with ICPP at endocrinology department and 547 healthy girls for routine physical examination in Fuzhou Children's Hospital of Fujian from(More)
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