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NoSQL (Not only SQL) data stores become a vital component in many big data computing platforms due to its inherent horizontal scalability. HBase is an open-source distributed NoSQL store that is widely used by many Internet enterprises to handle their big data computing applications (e.g. Facebook handles millions of messages each day with HBase).(More)
—As more and more individuals have multiple computing devices, how to maintain the consistency of user files stored on multiple devices becomes a challenge. Cloud-based file synchronization services (FSS), e.g., Dropbox and iFolder, are promising approaches. However, we haven't seen any public documents discussing the consistency protocol, which plays a(More)
NoSQL systems have become the vital components to deliver big data services in the Cloud. However, existing NoSQL systems rely on experienced administrators to configure and tune the wide range of configurable parameters in order to achieve high performance. In this paper, we present a policy-driven configuration management system for NoSQL systems, called(More)
Information exchanges and cooperative movements of multiple robots have become a hot topic in robotics. To increase the adaptability of robots in amphibious scenarios, an improved amphibious spherical robot was designed in this paper. However, the ability of single robot was limited. To further increase the sensing range and work efficiency of own(More)
NoSQL systems are deployed as the core components for delivering big data Web services today. With growing main memory capacity, we witness the growing interest and deployment of in-memory NoSQL services (IM-NoSQL), which are designed to maximize the utilization of DRAM for ultra low latency services. To address the volatility of DRAM for in-memory(More)
This paper presents an in-depth measurement study of in-memory key-value systems. We examine in-memory data placement and processing techniques, including data structures, caching, performance of read/write operations, effects of different in-memory data structures on throughput performance of big data workloads. Based on the analysis of our measurement(More)
A study on haptic feedback of the master side for an interventional surgical robot system plays a critical important role in the master-slave vascular interventional surgery robot system with haptic feedback, and accuracy control of force feedback is an important means to improve accuracy of the vascular interventional surgery robot teleoperation. Focus on(More)
Robotically controlled steerable guidewire navigation systems has been paid much attention to, because it can allow the surgeons to be released from radiation and heavy radiation protection garments, reduce radiation exposure, increase precision and stability of motion, and add operator comfort. The aim of the study was to improve the precision of axial(More)