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Nuclear and cytoplasmic genome components of Solanum tuberosum + S. chacoense somatic hybrids and three SSR alleles related to bacterial wilt resistance
The somatic hybrids were derived previously from protoplast fusion between Solanum tuberosum and S. chacoense to gain the bacterial wilt resistance from the wild species. The genome componentsExpand
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Meiotic behavior of pollen mother cells in relation to ploidy level of somatic hybrids between Solanum tuberosum and S. chacoense
Potato somatic hybrids obtained by protoplast fusion between Solanum tuberosum (4x) and Solanum chacoense (2x) were investigated for genome stability and meiotic behavior associated with the pollenExpand
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Tetrasomic inheritance pattern of the pentaploid Solanumchacoense (+) S. tuberosum somatic hybrid (resistant to bacterial wilt) revealed by SSR detected alleles
Protoplast fusion may be used to introgress desirable traits from wild species into cultivated potato which are cross incompatible. However, none of commercial varieties have been developed fromExpand
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A Discuss on Geologic Time of Metamorphosed Strata of Breccia Section of Well PBX 1 in Tarim Basin, China
The well PBX1 gets the oil and gas discovery in the dolomitic breccia and dolomite reservoir under the cap of the E1a gypsum rock. There are some disputes about the age of these new layers betweenExpand
Discovery of paleogene palynological assemblages from the Wanbaogou Group-complex in western part of the Eastern Kunlun orogenic belt and its geological significance
The Wanbaogou Group-complex is a suit of mélange aggregation of the Eastern Kunlun orogenic belt, which is divided into two parts, i.e. the exotic blocks and the matrix strata. Based on stromatoliteExpand
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Palaeo-earthquake events during the late Early Palaeozoic in the central Tarim Basin (NW China): evidence from deep drilling cores
Abstract Various millimetre-, centimetre- and metre-scale soft-sediment deformation structures (SSDS) have been identified in the Upper Ordovician and Lower-Middle Silurian from deep drilling coresExpand
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L’industrie de la pomme de terre en Chine
Depuis 1993, la Chine est le plus important producteur de pommes de terre en termes de production et de superficies de culture totales. La consommation annuelle moyenne de pommes de terre en ChineExpand