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With the rapid advances of wearable sensors and wireless networks. There is a growing research interest in building Body Area Sensor Network (BSN) systems to support applications such as human activity recognition and daily health monitoring. The main challenges of building a BSN system include: First, the wearable sensor nodes are highly constrained in(More)
Context Awareness and Mobility are two fundamental characteristics of ubiquitous and pervasive computing, where users may wander among smart spaces equipped with kinds of devices providing types of services with respects to the changing contexts of the users, the environments and the services themselves. Generally, an underlying infrastructure or middleware(More)
Context-aware system is an emerging research area in recent years. Context plays an important role in these systems. In most existing work, context is treated as all relative elements in the environment of an application, and the scope of context is predefined by the developers during the development. However, it is difficult to analyze, specify, and(More)
Privacy risks result in great barriers to the long-term success of pervasive computing. Unfortunately, related researches can still be considered in its infancy. Access control is widely used for privacy protection. However, traditional access control methods can only negating or approving accesses, greatly lacking flexibility. In this paper, we introduce(More)
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