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Proteomic analysis of strawberry leaves infected with Colletotrichum fragariae.
Understanding the defense mechanisms used by anthracnose-resistant strawberries against Colletotrichum infection is important for breeding purposes. To characterize cell responses to ColletotrichumExpand
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Global analysis of lysine acetylation in strawberry leaves
Protein lysine acetylation is a reversible and dynamic post-translational modification. It plays an important role in regulating diverse cellular processes including chromatin dynamic, metabolicExpand
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Antioxidant properties and color parameters of herbal teas in China
The popularity of herbal tea is increasing in China because of its beneficial effect on human health, especially for antioxidant function. Color is one of the important organoleptic characteristicsExpand
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Proteomic dissection of plant responses to various pathogens
During their growth and development, plants are vulnerable to the effects of a variety of pathogens. Proteomics technology plays an important role in research studies of plant defense mechanisms byExpand
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Luminescence characterization of a new long afterglow phosphor of single Ti-doped Y2O2S
Abstract A new rare-earth free phosphor Y 2 O 2 S:Ti with long afterglow was synthesized by solid-state reaction. A strong and broad emission band, which is suggested to come from the recombinationExpand
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Analysis of the Proteins Secreted from the Oryza meyeriana Suspension-Cultured Cells Induced by Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae
Oryza meyeriana, a wild species of rice from China, shows high resistance to Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo), the cause of rice bacterial blight, one of the most serious rice pathogens. To betterExpand
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Systematic Identification and Analysis of Lysine Succinylation in Strawberry Stigmata.
The various post-translational modifications (PTMs) of plant proteins have important regulatory roles in development. We therefore examined various modified proteins from strawberry stigmata andExpand
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Comparative proteomics analysis of proteins expressed in the I-1 and I-2 internodes of strawberry stolons
BackgroundStrawberries (Fragaria ananassa) reproduce asexually through stolons, which have strong tendencies to form adventitious roots at their second node. Understanding how the development of theExpand
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Involvement of a universal amino acid synthesis impediment in cytoplasmic male sterility in pepper
To explore the mechanisms of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS), we studied the different maturation processes of sterile and fertile pepper anthers. A paraffin sectionExpand
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Differential Proteomic Analysis Using iTRAQ Reveals Alterations in Hull Development in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Rice hull, the outer cover of the rice grain, determines grain shape and size. Changes in the rice hull proteome in different growth stages may reflect the underlying mechanisms involved in grainExpand
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