Xianmin Wei

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Resources should be allocated efficiently in a cloud manufacturing environment, given specific cloud manufacturing task. We study on the optimal resource allocation after the qualitative analysis of the match between the tasks and the resources in this work. Along this line, many factors should be significant, including time, cost and quality of services.(More)
Chord is a structured P2P model, it can quickly find the location of resources, but the search process of network inconsistent with the actual physical address caused a delay of query, when the difference between nodes' capacity is large, this will affect the stability of the network. Hybrid P2P took into account the differences of nodes' capacity, but with(More)
Genetic algorithm has the ability of making a global quick and good research, while ant colony clustering algorithm has the capacity of processing distributed parallel with good feedback. The combination of the above two algorithms can make full use of own advantages and characteristics, and make clustering analysis better. Some experiments have proved that(More)
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