Xianmei Wang

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Different from the traditional age estimation systems, this paper introduces a novel method to estimate human age from facial images combined with non-fixed age group classification and Rank-based age value estimation. The basic idea is to use the continuous and ordinal information from human facial aging process. Firstly, pair-wise distance classifiers are(More)
Discrete orthogonal moment set is one of the novel feature moment-based descriptors for image analysis. The Tchebichef moments and Krawtchouk moments are the two representatives in this class. This paper studies the performance of the two discrete orthogonal moments in the recognition of off-line handwritten Chinese amount in words under discrete-time(More)
This paper proposes a new efficient approach using the set of Krawtchouk moments and HMM for character recognition. The Krawtchouk moments set is a new set of orthogonal moments based on the discrete classical Krawtchouk polynomials. Compared to continuous moments such as geometric, Hu invariants, Zernike and Legendre moments, the implementation of(More)
This paper proposes an approach combining the set of Krawtchouk moments and HMMs (hidden Markov models) for unconstrained offline handwritten Chinese character recognition. The Krawtchouk moments can be effectively used as pattern features in analysis of two-dimensional images. Since the basis set is orthogonal in the discrete domain of the image coordinate(More)
At present, it is very urgent to protect the juniors from the negative influence of the internet. This paper aims at the automated Juvenile detection based on facial appearance as the gateway for the access of adult websites. To describe the facial appearance, local binary patterns (LBP) are applied to extract the local texture from three main facial(More)
This paper presents a new information combination approach for character recognition by combining the sample-based similarity measure and the posterior probabilities of DHMMs (discrete hidden Markov models). In the new method, a prototype is obtained for each class at the training stage besides an HMM. At the recognition stage, the sample similarity between(More)
In recent years the overseas direct investment (ODI) from China's textiles industry to the lease developed countries has increased obviously. Under the global economic crisis environment the Chinese textile & garment industry has confronted a very big challenge never met before, and China's government encourages the ODI of the textiles industry(More)
This paper divides the typical social scientific research process into two stages: the research development stage and the research innovation stage, with personnel as a shared input between them. We construct an input-shared multi-period two-stage DEA (data envelopment analysis) model as measurement of sustainability capacities of social scientific(More)
This paper presents a new approach for pupil localization. The whole system can be divided into two stages: eyes detection and pupil localization. In the first stage, ASM method is used to locate the facial feature points, in which Adaboost algorithm is used to detect human face and provide the original searching position. In the second stage, gray(More)