Xianlong Lu

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In this paper, we propose one online video object classification algorithm using fast Similarity Network Fusion (SNF). By constructing sample-similarity network for each data type and then efficiently fusing these networks into one single similarity network that represents the full spectrum of underlying data, SNF can efficiently identify subtypes among(More)
The precast concrete assembly foundation for Qinghai-Tibet AC750kV/DC±400kV grid interconnection project in frozen soil area was tested under compression load. The mechanical co-working properties for the different parts of the foundation were analyzed based on the observed results of soil pressure, structural displacement and stress. Under(More)
Field direct shearing tests on Gobi gavel soil were carried out in Xinjiang and Gansu. The shear strength parameters of the Gobi gravel soil were analyzed based on the experimental results. It indicated that the progressive failure mechanism of the Gobi gravel soil could be described as “elastic deformation-elastic-plastic deformation to peak(More)
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