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A Knowledge-Based Artificial Fish-Swarm Algorithm
A novel cultured AFA with the crossover operator, namely CAFAC, is proposed to enhance its optimization performance and numerical simulation results demonstrate that the proposedCAFAC can indeed outperform the original AFA. Expand
Extended dissipative filtering of fuzzy systems with time-varying delay under imperfect premise matching
A new delay-dependent filter design approach in terms of linear matrix inequalities is obtained by employing Lyapunov–Krasovskii functional method together with a novel efficient integral inequality. Expand
Novel algorithm for geomagnetic navigation
The simulation shows that geomagnetic navigation using UPKHNA could provide all the kinematics states estimation of aircraft continuously, and the horizontal positioning performance is better than that only using the UPF. Expand
Calibration and error analysis for polarized-light navigation sensor
In order to improve the calculation accuracy of polarized-light navigation sensor, the system error model was derived. Through the system error model, the system error source parameters could beExpand
Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Network-Based Nonlinear Systems With Actuator Failures
A new adaptive sliding mode control (SMC) scheme is developed for the investigated nonlinear systems, where the unknown nonlinearity is approximated via the adaptive fuzzy mechanism in the presence of signal quantization. Expand
SINS/CNS/GPS integrated navigation algorithm based on UKF
A new nonlinear algorithm is proposed for strapdown inertial navigation system (SINS)/celestial navigation system (CNS)/global positioning system (GPS) integrated navigation systems. The algorithmExpand
For a flexible air-breathing hypersonic vehicle model, this paper is concerned with the application of linear control theory to address its complex control problem over wide range of flightExpand
Design of a hybrid fuzzy-PD controller for inverted pendulum
An efficient parameter estimation scheme to design fuzzy controllers is introduced, which overcomes the drawback of conventional trial and error-based approaches and proposes a new hybrid fuzzy-PD controller for the inverted pendulum. Expand
Observer‐Based Piecewise Fault‐Tolerant Control for Discrete‐Time Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
This paper is concerned with the fault-tolerant control (FTC) problem against simultaneous actuator and sensor fault for discrete-time nonlinear systems. The nonlinear plant is represented byExpand
Robust linear parameter-varying control of air-breathing hypersonic vehicle considering input constraints
An inner/outer loop structure is proposed to design the flight control system that is gain-scheduled over dynamic pressure and Mach number and the effectiveness of the control strategy is demonstrated on the full nonlinear model. Expand