Xianliang Zhao

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We have developed a xylose-dependent expression system for tight and modulated expression of cloned genes in Bacillus subtilis. The expression system is contained on plasmid pSWEET for integration at the amyE locus of B. subtilis and incorporates components of the well-characterized, divergently transcribed xylose utilization operon. The system contains the(More)
The X-ray crystal structure of Cowpea chlorotic mottle bromovirus (CCMV) revealed a unique tubular structure formed by the interaction of the N-termini from six coat protein subunits at each three-fold axis of the assembled virion. This structure, termed the beta-hexamer, consists of six short beta-strands. The beta-hexamer was postulated to play a critical(More)
Hemocyanin (HMC) has been shown to participate in multiple roles of immune defence. In this study, we investigated the antiproliferative effect and underpinning mechanism of HMC from Litopenaeus vannamei in vitro. Sulforhodamine B (SRB) assay indicated that HMC could dramatically inhibit the growth of HeLa cells, but not 293T cells under the same(More)
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