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This paper provides an up-to-date assessment of global mercury emissions from anthropogenic and natural sources. On an annual basis, natural sources account for 5207 Mg of mercury released to the global atmosphere , including the contribution from re-emission processes , which are emissions of previously deposited mercury originating from anthropogenic and(More)
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions This discussion paper is/has been under review for the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP). Please refer to the corresponding final paper in ACP if available. Abstract East Asia contributes nearly 50% of the global anthropogenic mercury emissions into the atmosphere. Recently, there are concerns for(More)
Dynamic flux chambers (DFCs) and micrometeo-rological (MM) methods are extensively deployed for gauging air–surface Hg 0 gas exchange. However, a systematic evaluation of the precision of the contemporary Hg 0 flux quantification methods is not available. In this study, the uncertainty in Hg 0 flux measured by the relaxed eddy accumulation (REA) method, the(More)
In the paper, we investigate the reflect spectrum and time delay of SNLCFBG by means of the numerical simulation which be used to compensated dispersion and dispersion slope. The counting method of multi-channel numbers about SNLCFBG is proposed using the sampled rate of the NLCFBG. Then, the versatile formula of counting multi-channel number is(More)
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