Xianjiang Shi

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Research the effect of stator current of asynchronous motor on shafting torsional vibration under variable-frequency power sources, a simulation model of shafting torsional vibration detection based on MATLAB/SIMULINK is aiming at revealing response and law of stator current on shafting torsional vibration in the event of inverter power supplying, which(More)
In order to solve the problem of accurate simulation modeling and equation solving difficulties of asynchronous motor broken bar fault. By using the simulation module of the winding asynchronous motor, establish the simulation model of the simple broken bar fault in the SIMULINK environment. We discuss the motor current fault diagnosis method of broken bars(More)
The problem that the mechanical fault information of wind turbine generator is weak in the voltage and current signals need to be solved, information is not conducive to the identification and extraction. According to the common algorithm, the instantaneous power and other parameters are combined well, and we exploit the characteristic of mechanical fault(More)
In order to discuss the application of sensorless diagnosis in the fault diagnosis of wind power generator. A method which is different from the traditional model of wind turbine generator system is proposed. A simulation model of wind power generator is established based on MATLAB/SIMULINK, the dynamic simulation model of transmission gear in normal and(More)
Planetary gear transmission is shaft gear train, at the same time, the number of teeth meshing is a lot and the meshing position is dynamic, The vibration response is more complex than the traditional fixed axis gear transmission, which is not conducive to the extraction and application of fault diagnosis characteristics. In order to study the fault feature(More)
In order to realize on-line monitor and diagnosis of the fault of the gearbox of a wind driven generator a method of automatic selection frequency-band based on wavelet analysis and kurtosis rule has been put forward. Firstly, a vibration signal is multiple discomposed by using wavelet transformation, and then the kurtosis for wavelet coefficients of(More)
In order to strengthen engineering background of theory teaching of mechanical major, a virtual experiment platform based on LabVIEW for fault diagnosis of rotating machinery is developed. It can be used as engineering examples demonstration in theory teaching. Additionally, It can be connected with testing system through the interface of NI-DAQ to complete(More)
Reliability and maintainability of mechanical equipment are researched through quantitative and qualitative analysis, and statistical analysis is calculated with the example of 1K36-type turret lathe, and reliability and maintainability parameters of 1K36-type turret lathe and its subsystems are gained. The results show that reliability function shows(More)
In order to improve the detection accuracy and stability of the damping ratio parameter of boxed milk quality fast detector, according to wavelet transform theory, this paper presents a method that wavelet ridge is used to extract the envelope curves of the detector torsion response curves, and then take the logarithm to fit a straight line to get the(More)
The conventional PID control of most processes has good control effect and robustness. Without adaptive capacity and prone to elicit inertia delay, this method can only be applied in a special working condition. This paper puts forward a composite fuzzy PID control method based on the establishment of fuzzy rules and the compound of PID controller, as well(More)