Xianjü Liu

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Through studies on ancient herbological works, it is claimed that the fritillary recorded in the Classic of Poet, Shennong's Herbology is not identical with the fritillary applied today. It belongs to Balbostemma paiculatum (Maxim). Frang of Cucurbitacea. Ming Yi Bie Lu is the earliest book that includes the fritillary of Lilliae as a remedy, with its(More)
Mai jue kan wu (Correcting Errors in Pulse Study in Verse) was written by Dai Qizong of the Yuan Dynasty without block-printing when completed. It was reviewed and checked by Wang Ji, attached with the main discourses on pulse taking from various scholars of pulse taking and Jiao shi huo mai lun (On Pulse-taking with Corrections on Its Popular Difficult(More)
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