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Effect of Zr content on microstructure and mechanical properties of AlCoCrFeNi high entropy alloy
Abstract The AlCoCrFeNiZr x alloys are produced by electric arc melting and their microstructure and mechanical properties were analyzed. The alloys present two types of microstructures. One is aExpand
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Effect of preparation conditions on morphology and thermal stability of nanoporous copper
Abstract Nanoporous copper (NPC) was prepared by dealloying the as-cast Zn 50 Cu 50 , Zn 60 Cu 40 , Zn 70 Cu 30 and Zn 80 Cu 20 alloys in NH 4 Cl + HCl and HCl solutions. The results show that Zn 70Expand
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Effect of interfacial defects on the electronic properties of graphene/g-GaN heterostructures
To gain deep insights into their interactions, the effects of interfacial defects on the structural and electronic properties of graphene/g-GaN heterostructures were investigated by usingExpand
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Floodwater Utilization Based on Reservoir Pre-Release Strategy Considering the Worst-Case Scenario
Utilizing floodwater resources is important in relieving water shortages, and dynamic control of the flood limited water level (FLWL) for reservoir operation in a flood season is an effective methodExpand
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Strain engineering on the electronic states of two-dimensional GaN/graphene heterostructure
Combining two different layered structures to form a van der Waals (vdW) heterostructure has recently emerged as an intriguing way of designing electronic and optoelectronic devices. Effects of theExpand
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Numerical simulation of electromagnetic field and flow pattern in a continuous slab caster with in-roll type strand electromagnetic stirring
The electromagnetic field and flow analysis model were developed to simulate the electromagnetic field and the flow pattern in a vertical curved continuous slab caster with the in-roll type strandExpand
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Effects of nanocellulose on sodium alginate/polyacrylamide hydrogel: Mechanical properties and adsorption-desorption capacities.
In this study, interpenetrating polymer network (IPN)-structured hydrogels were fabricated through the crosslinking of neutral polyacrylamide (PAM, the first flexible network) and the polyelectrolyteExpand
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First principle modeling of oxygen-doped monolayer graphitic carbon nitride
Abstract The effect of oxygen doping on the electronic and geometric structures of monolayer graphitic carbon nitride was calculated by first principle. It reveals the favorable O dopingExpand
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A modified solvothermal synthesis of porous Mn3O4 for supercapacitor with excellent rate capability and long cycle life
Abstract Porous Mn 3 O 4 with micro/nano-structure were fabricated by a modified solvothermal approach using hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide as a surfactant and CH 3 CH 2 OH/H 2 O as a co-solvent,Expand
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