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Linear parametric regression models of fMRI time series have correlated residuals. One approach to address this problem is to condition the autocorrelation structure by temporal smoothing. Smoothing splines with the degree of smoothing selected by generalized cross-validation (GCV-spline) provide a method to find an optimal smoother for an fMRI time series.(More)
Satellite-based vegetation indices (VIs) and Apparent Thermal Inertia (ATI) derived from temperature change provide valuable information for estimating evapotranspiration (LE) and detecting the onset and severity of drought. The modified satellite-based Priestley-Taylor (MS-PT) algorithm that we developed earlier, coupling both VI and ATI, is validated(More)
We propose a new method for the T1-weighted magnetic resonance image (MRI) segmen-tation. Thin plate splines are fitted to overlapping blocks of an image slice and thresholds are found. The knots and the smoothing parameters of the splines are chosen by a modified version of the generalized cross validation criterion. Each block is associated with a(More)
There are several statistical methods for time-to-event analysis, among which is the Cox proportional hazards model that is most commonly used. However, when the absolute change in risk, instead of the risk ratio, is of primary interest or when the proportional hazard assumption for the Cox proportional hazards model is violated, an additive hazard(More)
BACKGROUND Case-cohort studies have become common in epidemiological studies of rare disease, with Cox regression models the principal method used in their analysis. However, no appropriate procedures to assess the assumption of proportional hazards of case-cohort Cox models have been proposed. METHODS We extended the correlation test based on Schoenfeld(More)
Watershed characteristics such as patterns of land use and land cover (LULC), soil structure and river systems, have substantially changed due to natural and anthropogenic factors. To adapt hydrological models to the changing characteristics of watersheds, one of the feasible strategies is to explicitly estimate the changed parameters. However, few(More)
The lateral movement of soil carbon has a profound effect on the carbon budget of terrestrial ecosystems; however, it has never been quantified in China, which is one of the strongest soil erosion areas in the world. In this study, we estimated that the overall soil erosion in China varies from 11.27 to 18.17 Pg yr(-1) from 1982 to 2011, accounting for(More)
Statistical approaches for estimating and drawing inference on the correlation between two biomarkers that are repeatedly assessed over time and subject to left-censoring because minimum detection levels are lacking. We propose a linear mixed-effects model and estimate the parameters with the Monte Carlo expectation maximization (MCEM) method. Inferences(More)
This thesis will focus on applying smoothing splines to magnetic resonance image (MRI) analysis. Some additional work on support vector machine with a hybrid loss function will be discussed. We apply smoothing splines to both the structural MRI and functional MRI. For the structural MRI, we fit thin plate splines to overlapping blocks of the image with(More)
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