Xianheng Ma

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Learning conditional probability tables of large Bayesian Networks (BNs) with hidden nodes using the Expectation Maximization algorithm is heavily computationally intensive. There are at least two bottlenecks, namely the potentially huge data set size and the requirement for computation and memory resources. This work applies the distributed computing(More)
Ant colony optimization (ACO) has been proved to be one of the best performing algorithms for NP-hard problems as TSP. The volatility rate of pheromone trail is one of the main parameters in ACO algorithms. It is usually set experimentally in the literatures for the application of ACO. The present paper first proposes an adaptive strategy for the volatility(More)
Automatic detection of vehicle activity by computer vision is one of the most important fields of intelligent video surveillance. This paper proposes an approach of automatic detection for visual vehicle activities based on the traffic video. According to the results of particle filter tracking, the geometry information of vehicle movement is abstracted to(More)
Goods monitoring is an important item of video surveillance, which is necessary to run automatically in practice. Two incidents of goods monitoring including goods stolen and broken are considered in this paper. Following the process of video surveillance, a texture-based method is proposed to deal with the incidents. The main idea is to divide the image of(More)
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