Xiangzheng Xu

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In this paper, the main methods of reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression and negative balance for electrified railway were analyzed and campared in detailed. And the problems existing power quality control are pointed out. According to the characteristics of electrified railway and aiming at these problems, Improved projects were put forward(More)
This paper analyzes necessity of synthesis control of power quality aiming at characteristics of traction power supply system for electrified railway. In order to achieve real-time detection and compensation for power quality of electric railway traction power system, this paper provides a detection method of selective harmonic current, so vertiginous(More)
Highroad traffic is indispensability, not only in daily living of person, but also in the state economic development. However, frequency of highroad traffic safety or traffic accidents is more. What is more, standard of living and state economic development are restricted more and more by traffic safety or traffic accidents. With the rapid development of(More)
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